Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I expect my juice to be delivered?

Juice is delivered between 9am and 8pm on Monday.  You will receive a text when its on its way or minutes after delivery. 

How long do the products last?

Products are fresh for 3 days.  They are made and delivered on the same day to maximize freshness. All products MUST be refrigerated once received and we recommend taking entire serving of 8 ounce juice once opened.

What should I order?

If you are an experienced juicer, I suggest any and all products.  If you are not an experienced juicer (meaning you don't drink fresh, raw juice at least 1-2 times per week,) I would suggest trying a 6-pack multi flavor and trying our different flavors.


Do you offer a cleanse?

We do not currently offer a "no food" full nutrient spectrum cleanse.  We do not advicate for "no food" cleanses because we believe fiber is important to your diet.  "No food" cleanses are for experienced juicers only.  We do offer a cleanse drink, which can be taken every day on an empty stomach and is gentle.  This is designed to feed the gut good bacteria and help you digest food more efficiently. The cleanse drink is a flavor option in any of our 6-pack multi flavors of juice


If I sign up for a subscription, can I cancel it?

Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime before the Sunday prior to your next delivery. Please contact us directly via text or email and we can do it for you.  You can always sign back up again if you are just needing a break.