The concept for The Juice Girl goes back about 3 years ago when I started at Hope & Main in Warren, RI. They are an incubator that helps food businesses get off the ground.  Three months into the program there, my husband and I found out we were expecting our son and so I had to put my dream of my owning my own business on hold for a while.  
When COVID hit, the demand for healthier options increased. At the same time, traditional shopping habits were changing. Rather than going into stores, people started looking to home delivery. Friends and family also began asking me when I would be making juice again and I realized it was the right time to get back in the kitchen. 
The Juice Girl is 100% local weekly delivery: Think the milkman, only with fresh juice. We are also environmentally friendly since we source mostly from local farms and markets, and most of our products are compostable. 
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